About our founder

Hi, I’m Eric Mack.

For decades, my passion has been helping people do their best work with greater calm and clarity.

I do this by showing them how to intentionally fuse what they know (K) with how they work (M) and their tools at hand (T).

I express this as Value = KMT. They all multiply together. This formula is key to my process.

My team and I, though, are committed to action.

We’re committed to helping you achieve — and feel — your best at work.

How we can help

For seminars, webinars, keynotes, or consulting, contact me.

Get insights on your work

You can also start with a quick survey. Tell me about your work style and what’s frustrating you. Get key insights into your strengths and ways you can grow.

Once you’re done, follow our blog! The survey responses have been amazing, and we’ll be posting our analysis and insights from what everyone’s said.

Here’s to your calm and clarity!