Welcome to the new Intentionally Productive!

As I’m sure has been the case for most of you too, Covid has been very challenging for many, both professionally and personally — in my case, working to keep my business going, negotiating, and trying to find ways to turn this time of distress into a great opportunity.

After months of hard work, I’m proud to announce my team and I are ready to launch!

This week, I’m in the studio with David Allen, my longtime client, friend and mentor, to talk about productive principles in the age of cloud and Covid — how to adapt yourself and your work to any circumstances, because the only constant is change — as well as how I helped migrate the David Allen Company from Lotus Notes with eProductivity to Microsoft Office 365, not for the sake of shiny new tools, but because of new capabilities and new opportunities to work productively.

Our talks will be available very soon for subscribers to GTD Connect (a premium content service provided by the David Allen Company). Sometime after, they should be published to the GTD Podcast, available wherever you can find podcasts.

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Deliver Your Best with Less Stress!

We’re very excited to offer new, modernized solutions to help you apply productive principles and adapts to any circumstance! No matter what life and work throw your way, you can learn to achieve whatever’s most important to you. Helping people do this is what gets me out of bed in the morning!

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Microsoft MyAnalytics: It’s like a Fitbit to measure the way you work

Not too long ago, one of my colleagues started using a screentime-tracking app on her iPhone. She was astonished to discover how much time she really spent on social media and messaging apps.

If you had similar insights on how your time at work is spent, what do you think you’d see?

This quick post is about a recent addition of the Office 365 suite: MyAnalytics.

This new app from Microsoft is like a Fitbit™ that measures the way you work. It gives you personalized private feedback on where you’re spending your time along with helpful tips and recommendations. For example:

This kind of information – on how much time you spend in meetings vs. focused work vs. unplugged and relaxed – plays a valuable part in developing an Intentionally Productive mindset.

I place a lot of emphasis on “It’s not about the tool” and “Tools can’t replace thinking,” and that’s all true – but this is a really cool tool because of the information it provides.

Like any tool, MyAnalytics won’t automatically make your work easier. That depends on what you do with what it tells you.

MyAnalytics will provide some semi-personalized recommendations; however, to get the most value from its information about your work habits, you need to think intentionally about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

Go to MyAnalytics.Microsoft.com to get started.

Think intentionally about how you can turn these insights into action. I’m always available to help.

Are you using MyAnalytics? Do you find it useful or not? How do you think you can use this kind of information to become more Intentionally Productive?

What happens when you raise intentionally productive children?

They grow up and do extraordinary things.

I encourage everyone I coach and mentor to teach productive practices (whether mine or others’) to their colleagues, friends, and family. Some of you were surprised to learn I started teaching these to my children when they were three!

Last June, David Allen (my mentor) invited my daughter and me to speak at the global GTD Summit in Amsterdam.

Eric Mack and Wendy Haddad speak at the 2019 GTD Summit in Amsterdam on a panel titled "What's It Like to Have a GTD Family?"

This event featured dozens of notable speakers, experts, and innovators from around the world, including productivity experts David Covey and Marshall Goldsmith, former NASA astronaut Cady Coleman, and bestselling author Dan Pink.

While there, Wendy and I spoke on a panel with David on the topic of raising children with productive principles ⁠— not to turn them into box-checking machines, but to give them freedom to accomplish whatever they want.

You might find Wendy’s perspective on all this inspiring, as she shared what it was like growing up learning how to get the right things done in a freeing way.

David Allen, Mike Williams, Eric Mack, and Wendy Haddad speak at the 2019 GTD Summit in Amsterdam on a panel titled "What's It Like to Have a GTD Family?"

I’d love to hear from you in the comments: What productive, time-saving, value-creating skills have you learned from (or taught to) your family?